Online Watercolour classes

I have now been teaching watercolour classes online for over a year now. There has definitely had some positives and negatives.

Let's start with the positives. It allows classes to happen no matter what's happen out there with COVID. We can all participate from the comfort of our homes. I really enjoy that I'm getting students from Red Deer, Alberta and BC. We can all hop in a class. I'm quickly learning that recordings of a class are a big benefits to students. When students sign up for a class I always send them the video after the class. It allows students to review techniques, try a painting a second time, look at parts that maybe the missed or got lost on. I've been so impressed with how successful my students pieces have been, even when they think they're struggling. They have been rock stars! The biggest plus is I love sharing my passion for the arts and helping others connect with an art form that they can continue for as long as they like.

On to my negatives, I have to move my camera when I want students to see me versus see what I'm painting. Even with a goose neck holder for my phone it's a struggle to go back and forth. Students have been great at telling me when there is an issue with their view. Of course, there have been some technical challenges but they seem manageable now. My biggest struggle is I can't walk around the room to see how students are doing, provide advice as they are painting. If you decide to take an online class please feel free to ask questions any time.

What's happening now with things opening up? I will be continuing to offer online classes through Zoom. I've got an ongoing Wednesday evening class that anyone with some experience can join. Once I add you to the email list you will receive weekly invitations to classes by topic. For example, this week we are doing a birch tree scene. If the topic interests you but you can't attend you can sign up to receive the video. I also have some interest for more beginner classes which will start in September. I hope to have some in person classes as well.

If you want to sign up for a class or have a question please email me a

Have a great summer everyone. I know I'll be taking lots of photographs for reference in my classes. If you see something you'd like for a class, take a photo of it and send it to me.